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5 techie reasons why ClickFunnels is better than WordPress for sales funnels?

ClikFunnels vs WordPress; a hotly debated topic. Every tool has its advantages and disadvantages. And depending upon the situation and use case we should select the right technology for building our sales funnels.

Let’s see the 5 reasons why you should choose Clickfunnels over WordPress when it comes to sales funnels.

#1 Monolithic block vs assembled parts

Clickfunnels is a single monolithic block, what that means is you get the page builder, payment integration, integration with email marketing tools, settings for upsells, downsells, and the sales report in a single system.

It’s a single tool that you need to learn.

Whereas WordPress requires plugins and themes to work. To create a simple funnel, you need to learn a page builder like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi or something like that. Then you need a theme and finally, a payment gateway plugin, which can be WooCommerce. Or you can use a funnel builder plugin like Cartflows.

If you are willing to spend time learning at least 3-4 tools then WordPress is your choice. If not then Clickfunnels wins here.

#2 Compatibility issues

As I said, WordPress has assembled parts which means all these parts should fit in with each other nicely.

The plugins and themes are developed by different companies, And they have different development cycles.

So, there is a possibility that an update in one plugin may cause incompatibility issues with the other plugin.

Ideally, plugins should be first updated on the staging site and if it works ok then the changes should be pushed to the live site. But then again are you willing to spend time on that.

I’m using WordPress for more than 10 years and still some updates give me headaches.

On the other hand, Clickfunnels is a single block system. Plus being managed software you don’t have to worry about the updates.

#3 Security

Managing your WordPress site is completely your responsibility. That means security is your headache.

Now, there are plugins that will help you in managing the security. But again you need to know how to use the security plugin properly.

There are different types of security issues, like XSS attach, DDoS attack, malware and whatnot.

Using good quality hosting, reputed plugins and following good practices will help you mitigate the risk but it’s still your responsibility.

Whereas with tools like Clickfunnels, security is completely their headache and not yours.

#4 Backups

Similar to security, the responsibility of taking backups falls on your shoulders. Again using a plugin, you can take automated backups. And if you opt for good quality hosting, automated backups are part of their service.

But if you are using a plugin, you get the idea, you are again adding one more plugin to the mix. 

The picture is not too grim if you go for WordPress. But, the point I want to make is you need a little extra effort to make everything work.

#5 Auto scale-up

Before I elaborate on this point, let me explain what is auto scaleup?

How servers that hosts website keep up with the traffic it receives? Because it has a fixed capacity and if it receives more traffic than it can handle it will slow down, in some cases even shut off. 

But with modern architecture, the servers are capable of handling increasing traffic by auto-scaling. And once the traffic subsides they will downscale.

When you’re hosting your site on a shared hosting server, which is what a typical WordPress user works with, the server doesn’t scale up.

This is particularly detrimental when you’re running ads because then you’re bound to get a lot of traffic.

This forces you to go for a cloud server and manage it yourself. Attach load balancer to it. By the way, managing your own server is not easy.

Another option is to go with managed cloud hosting. But then it costs significantly higher than shared hosting.

But with tools like Clickfunnels, Groovefunnels or any such managed funnel building system, the whole software is sitting on top of the load balancing system.

So, even if the traffic increases, the whole system is capable of scaling up and down and thus providing a seamless experience.


Many times, we forget the techy points while comparing the different solutions and only focus on the features. So, in this post, I have tried to give some technical differences between different tools.



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