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7 Brilliant Tips For WordPress Website Newbies

With almost two-thirds of the websites or blogs in today’s world dependent on WordPress, it is quite possible for a newbie to start off his journey with a WordPress website.  So, here, in this article, we would be discussing some of the most relevant and essential tips that a beginner should keep in mind before heading on to the new journey. Let’s get started!

Have A Clean Website Design:

When you are about to start your first website, make sure that you use a clean design and be creative. More often than not, it is noticed that people, especially newbies, tend to put in a lot of stuff on their WordPress website, which makes it heavy and sometimes decays on the user experience. So, be a bit more creative! Make sure that you do not fill your website with advertisements or do not stuff all your promotions at the same place. Instead, distribute them. Make sure that you have the most interactive elements of the website available right on top! Also, split them up fast. Put some advertisements on the header, a few on the sidebar, and might be a couple between the long posts. Remember, the users should have a delight moving through your website.

Secure Your Hosting, Domain, and Website:

Being a WordPress developer, you should value your hosting, domain, and website. Make sure that you purchase the domain and hostings from the most reliable sources and understand the exact requirements that your website may have before you buy your decide on your hosting provider. Having an idea about the need would help you choose the best option among the service providers and their options. Well, make sure that you buy the SSL certificate for your website. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The SSL helps in the encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server. This would keep the website protected and would also help you in the Google rankings.

Be Organized:

When you build a WordPress website, make sure that you know your target audience. This is of utmost importance. Sit down, take some time and understand the people that you are about to serve and what change you want to bring in their life. Once you have sorted that out, try to understand what contents you would need to be the most helpful. Well, do you need images, do you need to write a long descriptive article, or would you like to put in some videos? What would be the topics that you should ponder on? And many such questions need to be answered. Once you have found out the answers to them all, you should start off in a very structured manner. Make sure you have the perfect categories and subcategories defined, the perfect tags mentioned. Overall, a reader should be addicted to your website!

Work On The Permalinks:

Your permalinks are your face to the search engine. Remember that when Google crawlers crawl through your page, the permalinks will play a real important role. This means that the ease with which your website would be listed on Google or a particular article would show up for a specific search term depends on the permalinks. So, make sure each page’s permalink and post on your WordPress website is short and straightforward. People should connect with the post right from the permalink. However, if you are a newbie who has already started on with your journey, it would be advisable that you do not tamper with the permalinks of the posts you did publish. Instead, keep this in mind subsequently.

Latest Post or Static Home Page:

This is a point where I have seen many newbies making a mistake and then realizing the mistake only after losing out on a ton of traffic. Decide on your WordPress website. Why are you making the WordPress website? Is it going to be a blog, or is it a website? Would you be putting up blogs that you want to showcase every week, or would you just let it be a website with a permanent look? Decide on that, and once you have decided on that, you would understand which one among the two home page options in WordPress you would need. In general, for blogs, it would be the Latest Post, and for websites, it would be a Static Home Page, but then, there are always exceptions!

Title And Meta-Description:

These two are essential. Most of the time, the readers who would be visiting your website, then be it from social media or the search engines, would refer to these two before they finally open your website. So, making sure that these two things are catchy for the readers would be an excellent idea. These two are the key pointers that you should use to entice the audience. These have very little to do with the search engine.

Use The Images To The Fullest:

Use the images for more than just making the content more organic and rich. Instead, make sure that you fill in the title and the alternative tags in the pictures. You can do so by simply editing the images that you did put on your WordPress website. Google crawls across these images and with the perfect keyword for the images. So, when you have them by your side, you would also have a chance to rank well in the image section of the search result. This would also help you draw in some traffic and, thus, increase the website’s reach. However, remember to use only those keywords that fit the pictures. Do not stuff your keywords uselessly.

Well, these are the seven most essential tips for a newbie who is starting with his or her journey with a WordPress website. The last tip, as we conclude, would be, be patient. This needs time and effort. Keep working hard and put in your sincerest efforts. You will succeed in this!

We hope that you did learn something new from this particular article. If there is something you want to ask, feel free to comment on the comment section below!



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