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Are your writing for humans or search engines?

Have you recently started writing a blog?

Great! So, you must be hearing a lot about keyword research, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner etc.

Words like keywords research, long-tail keywords, keyword density must be buzzing in your ears. You must be scampering for YouTube videos, blogs, reading articles like crazy trying to understand these terms.

If you have an SEO background, you won’t be troubled with these words.

But, if you don’t know SEO, I have a piece of good news for you. Don’t worry about these keywords.

Start writing

It’s vital not to get bothered with SEO initially.

The thing is you are just starting. It’s like learning to drive a car.

Your first task to get the hang of shifting gears, using clutch, breaks and not about how you save fuel. If you bother about fuel-saving, you will find it very difficult to learn driving which what’s you’re aiming for right now.

Of course, once you get the hang of driving, you will improve yourself so that fuel will be saved.

Same goes for blog writing. When you are a newbie in blogging, you should bother about improving your writing skills.

You should gather some patience to research and write the article.

That’s your first challenge.

Why keyword research?

Why do we do keyword research?

Why companies and experienced bloggers spend hours and hours on keyword research?

Why do they spend thousands of dollars on tools?

The answer is simple. Rank on the first page of Google.

That way, they will get free organic traffic from the search engines.

But, the thing is keywords research is not as simple as it seems. Understanding it is easy but implementing it is difficult and time-consuming.

With Google updating its search algorithms like fashion models changing their shoes, you always have to be on your toes, which is very difficult to do during your initial blogging career.

Why no keyword research?

It’s easy for a new blogger to get in the rabbit hole of SEO. Instead of writing they keep bothering themselves about SEO, keyword research and all the things in the world they shouldn’t be doing.

You have to understand; you started writing so that you could tell the world about your thoughts, knowledge and experience and enlighten your readers about various topics in your niche.

And that’s the exact reason why you should only focus on writing and nothing else.

Therefore in the initial stages don’t bother about keywords research.

Getting on the first page of Google takes time.

One thing you have to understand is ranking your blog on the first page of Google takes time. It’s not going to happen in one month, two months and sometimes even for a year.

Although you may rank for some obscure keyword in a week itself.

Additionally, proper keyword research doesn’t guarantee you pole position on Google search results. There are a lot of things determining your ranking.

Some of them are:

  1. Page loading speed

  2. Off-page SEO

  3. How your website performs on a mobile device

And many more.

Google search is intelligent.

If you have written an article that resonates with your target audience, then you have a potent weapon in your hand that has the potential to take the first position in search results.

Some of the articles that I had written during my initial days had no keywords research behind it, no specific SEO efforts and nothing else.

Just an article that I knew my target audience would like to read and not many have written about it. So, without doing anything, that page ranked well. And, it’s still ranking well.

Here, the intelligence of Google search is at play. Google gives enormous importance to content. So, if you have written an article that resonates with your audience, then it will rank. Of course, if it’s just rehashed version of what others have written, then chances of ranking are slim.

Human keyword research

Sometimes you don’t have to do any keyword research. I will tell you how?

Whenever I publish a video or an article, I get comments like, what to do next? Any other way of achieving the same thing?

Now two things happen here. One is I have a ready topic for my next blog or video, and I don’t have to to do any keyword research for it.

One question you must be having is…

Always remember that you’re writing for humans. So, your natural writing will appeal a lot to your readers.


To sum up, during your initial days of blogging focus on writing. Do proper research, find out your perspective, if you think there’s a wrong perception about specific topics, then debunk it.

Provide your readers with value and only value. Your readers should have that Aha moment once they read your article. Your article should be in such a way that it should give wholesome information.

If they have to read another article to get complete information, then you haven’t done your job. They should be thirsty to read more, but, on your blog and not somebody else’s blog.

So, go out and create a masterpiece that your readers will like. If the readers like it, the search engines will love it too.



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