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Can Rosa 2 be the high quality and powerful theme for your restaurant?


Rosa 2 is developed specifically for restaurants. The theme makes use of Gutenberg block editor, which makes it suitable for any kind of site. But we will call it a restaurant theme because that’s what it’s built for.

This theme is the next version of Rosa 1. Rosa was one of the most popular themes available for restaurants.

Five years after the launch of Rosa, with more than 13000 customers, the theme has got a makeover, implemented the changes that customers wanted.

And here we are reviewing Rosa 2.

Watch video review or scroll down and read

The team behind Rosa 2

Pixelgrade has developed Rosa 2. Pixelgrade is a small design studio focussing on niche-specific and creative WordPress themes. Currently, there are twenty-one themes listed on Pixelgrade’s website. And just by looking at the themes page and the demos, you can quickly figure out how much they focus on the design.

What does it offer?

I am into WordPress development for the last eight years. And when I develop websites for my client, I usually prefer themes that are generic and not made for any particular niche. And I never liked the themes that came with all the bells and whistles. (This is not that theme by the way)

But, when I started teaching WordPress to non-technical people, I found out, many of my students prefer themes that work out of the box and are developed for their niche.

So, let’s see what Rosa 2 has to offer

Gutenberg Block Editor

A lot fo page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder and Divi are available in the market. These page builders have both the paid and a free version. But Gutenberg comes preinstalled with WordPress.

It’s an easy to use block editor. It’s not as mature as Elementor or Beaver Builder, but it’s definitely on the right path.

So, out of the box support for Gutenberg is a welcome addition to Rosa 2.

Gutenberg blocks specifically designed for restaurants

Rosa 2 comes with Nova Blocks. It provides different Gutenberg blocks that you can use directly. One such block is a Menu Item block.

rosa 2 menu

Nova blocks offer different types of blocks.

rosa 2 nova blocks

The available blocks are

  1. Announcement Bar

  2. Cards Collection

  3. Map of the World

  4. Header

  5. Headline

  6. Food Menu

  7. Open Table Reservation

  8. Open Hours

  9. Gallery of the Stars

  10. Hero of the Galaxy

  11. Media Card Constellation

  12. Slideshow me the way

Import demo content

I have literally used hundreds of WordPress themes. Most of them come with a so-called “Easy to import demo content” tool. Let me tell you these are very hard to use tools, and many times the import fails midway through and then you have your half-cooked website with you.

But, with Rosa 2, I was asked whether I would like to import the demo content, and with just a click and after 2-3 minutes, the demo content was set up.

It’s indeed a hassle-free import tool.

Scrolling effect

One thing you will like about Rosa 2, is its visually stimulating scroll effect. It’s very smooth and not at all jerky. Additionally, it fits very nicely with the visuals of the theme.

The parallax background images further enhance the scrolling effect. All in all, a lovely effect.

Ready font and colour combinations

One thing that many non-technical people hate to do is finding out what fonts combination and colour combination will look good on their website.

But, with Rosa 2, you get ready font and colour combinations. Additionally, you can easily change the fonts for the body and different heading-types.

As you can see from the above video, it’s pretty straightforward to use different font combinations.

But, what if you want to change fonts for the body and headings.

That’s also covered.

rosa 2 fonts

Same goes for colour combinations. There are readymade colour combinations available.

And similar to fonts, you can change the colours of different elements individually.

rosa 2 colours

Customizable Header

There are a lot of header customization options available inside Rosa 2. Right from making your header sticky or fixed to changing logo size, and distances, etc.; you get a lot of customization options.

rosa 2 header

WooCommerce Store

Rosa 2 provides support for the WooCommerce out of the box. So, if you want to set up your e-commerce store and sell your food items, then this theme will support you.

restaurant theme wordpress

The look and feel of the store blend perfectly with the theme and is quite suitable for a restaurant.

Perfectly Responsive

One of the critical things your theme needs to have is the responsive nature of the website. Your website should look perfect on all the devices with different form-factors.

Rosa 2 doesn’t fail this test, and you can see that the theme is perfectly responsive.

responsive restaurant theme

Speed and Performance

One thing I am very particular about is page load time. However, beautiful the theme is, if it’s not loading quickly enough and has a lot of bloated assets to load, then its not a right theme for me.

So, let’s see how does Rosa 2 stacks up when it comes to the speed.

We will see both the GTmetrix results.

I am using Flywheel hosting to test the setup.

No other optimizations have been performed on this site. No caching plugin has been installed.

fast restaurant theme

The website that’s not at all optimized, loads within 2.5 seconds. That’s pretty impressive. So, performance-wise also, the theme is performing exceptionally well.


One of the essential parts of premium themes is the documentation that comes along with it. Each and every theme should have simple and exhaustive documentation that anyone can easily read, navigate and follow.

And I can confidently say that Rosa 2’s documentation checks out all the essential requirements.

Just in case you want to check out the documentation, click here.


There are various pricing options available to you if you want to purchase Rosa 2.

rosa 2 pricing

The best option is to go with the one-time fee option because then you don’t have to pay every year. Plus you get lifetime support and updates.


I think Rosa 2 is a beautiful looking WordPress theme for your restaurant. Right from installation to editing the pages, everything works as it should. I didn’t face any issue.

The theme is modern, support Gutenberg and has specific blocks for required for a restaurant. And at the same time, load time is impressive—all in all, a good deal.

So, I can suggest this theme for you.

rosa 2 restaurant theme



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