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GrooveSell – A supercharged FREE sales and affiliate platform

Running an online business is no child’s play. From outside, it looks like an easy to do things, but convincing people to open their wallet and give their card details to you is one of the challenging things to do.

Setting up a successful online business requires money, time and a lot of hard work.

Now, a product funnel is one thing that takes all money, time and hard work. All this, you can significantly reduce if you use the right software solution.

Till now, Kartra, ClickFunnels and WordPress were the three options available to build funnels. And all of them are quite good.

But, there is one more cool kid on the block.

Let me introduce you to GrooveSell. A product by GrooveDigital.

Groovesell available for free

Mike Filsaime, one of the brains behind the products like Kartra, WebinarJam and EverWebinar started GrooveDigital along with a few other members.

What is GrooveSell?

GrooveSell is a product developed by GrooveDigital and part of GrooveFunnels, a more extensive suite of products. It provides a better way to sell your digital services and products.

Now, you know how costly the systems like Kartra and ClickFunnels cost. The basic versions will cost you thousands of dollars.

But, what if I tell you GrooveSell is right now available for FREE for lifetime.

Can’t believe it, right?

But it’s true. GrooveSell is available for FREE for lifetime. And we aren’t sure if this offer will remain there for long.

But what are the features of GrooveSell? What can it do for you?

What can GrooveSell do?

GrooveSell provides you with everything you need to sell your digital services and products. 

This is simply one of the best platform providing you with so many features and a considerable value. It doesn’t just provide you with a platform to sell products and services but provides an affiliate platform as well.

Now, that’s just too powerful thing to get for free.

Once you use it, you won’t be able to move away from it.


  1. Unlimited Products and Funnels

  2. Flexible Pricing Structures

  3. Powerful checkout options

  4. The supercharged affiliate software

  5. Dynamic thank you pages

  6. Upsells, Downsells, and Order Bumps

  7. 1-Click Upsell

  8. Robust Integrations

  9. Use your own PayPal, Stipe, Authnet, NMI, or Braintree accounts to collect payment.

  10. No Monthly Fees

  11. ZERO transactions fees

Now, tell me one platform where you will get all these features, without spending a dime.

But, I don’t want you to believe me just like that, let me show you how GrooveSell works with some actual screenshots of the tool.

Create a product funnel with GrooveSell

This is how the GrooveSell dashboard looks like. You can see how many people visited your product funnel, the conversions you got and the revenue.

To create a new product funnel, you have to enter the internal name, the name that people will see and the description of the funnel.

create new funnel

The product then will be added to your dashboard, where you edit it further to set it up.

product added

Once, you start editing the product funnel; you will get a lot of options using which you can customize everything.

price points

In the first step, you have to set whether the product is a frontend product or upsell/down-sell.


In the next step, you can set up what are the different price points. And each price can have a different pricing mechanism, for example, fixed-rate, instalments, recurring etc.

price points

Out of the box, GrooveSell provides integration with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. And integrating them is a piece of cake.

payment gateway

Then you need to supply, the URL of the sales page and thank you page. Also, you have to provide a money-back period.

Now comes, the checkout page settings. If you can see, there are several options using which you can customize, the checkout page and settings.

sales page

You can then configure the order bumps if you want people to buy some additional products.

groovesell orderbump

Post-transaction you can send your buyers to your upsell page where they will get an opportunity to purchase and other product or service from you.

groovesell post funnel

Once, the customer completes the transaction, what will happen? That’s what you have to set up in this step.


As you already know, GrooveSell provides you with an affiliate platform as well. Therefore, in this step, you can configure your affiliate programme.

groovesell affiliate

Various options can be set here.

In the last step, you will get a tracking code, which you need to copy in your product sales page, to track it.

groovesell setup complete

As you can see, while you get numerous options to create your product funnel, it’s all laid out in a very friendly manner. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to configure your product funnel and at the same time set up your affiliate programme.

And, that too at no cost.

Yes, GrooveSell is available for FREE for a lifetime, for a short duration.

What should you do now?

Since there are no monthly or yearly fees associated with GrooveSell, you don’t have to provide credit card details. Just your name and email. That’s it.

There’s no real downside of signing up for GrooveSell right now. But, one thing will happen, that is you will like the simplicity and power of GrooveSell, and you will refuse to use any other tool.

On a personal note, I would like to tell you, such kind of opportunities come often, so I would request you to make use of this opportunity and start building your product funnels at no cost.

Happy selling 🙂



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