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Is GrooveFunnels worth the hype?

New tools for building your funnels and hosting course courses, carry out email marketing come almost every three months.

Many of them die down and cannot survive the rigours required to build and run such a kind of software seamlessly.

Part of the problem is that the founders of these companies are tech people and don’t understand the marketing psychology behind such software hence they build good software but just cannot keep up with the marketing demands.

Then came GrooveFunnels

When established entrepreneurs who co-founded Webinarjam, Everwebinar and Kartra came up with a new tool that could do everything that was the dream of every course creator, marketer and online entrepreneur.

It was none other than Mike Filsaime.

Mike Filsaime is the brains behind the well-known tool Kartra. And him heading the development and growth of GrooveFunnels was bound to be successful.

Why did I decide to go with GrooveFunnels?

Honestly speaking, going with GrooveFunnels was a spur of the moment decision for me. Pandemic was at its peak and while browsing the internet I came across GrooveFunnels; a tool that is going to pull the rug under ClickFunnels and Kartra.

A tool that did everything

GrooveFunnels promised not just everything but it went beyond everything.

  1. Funnel builder

  2. Landing page builder

  3. Email marketing

  4. Email automation

  5. Live webinars

  6. Evergreen webinars

  7. Live streaming

  8. Pipedrive like CRM

  9. Shopify like shopping cart

  10. Scheduling tool

  11. Blog

  12. Developer marketplace

  13. Video hosting

  14. Membership portal

If you look at these features, what would be your first thought?

Man! This is everything I wanted. I never have to go to Zapier ever again.

And the cost savings would be unimaginable.


This was the biggest kicker. A similar tool like GrooveFunnels would cost around $100 per month (read ClickFunnels and Kartra).

But GrooveFunnels cost just $1491 (three instalments of $497) as a part of their lifetime deal.

If I had to go with something like ClickFunnels I would have to pay around $1200 just for one year.

This is a big deal.

And every business person, however rich, always considers the cost he/she has to pay.

It was a dream come true for me; finally I could get rid of Zapier and its high costs

Prathamesh SakhadeoTweet

Excellent affiliate program

GrooveFunnels offered a 2-tier affiliate program. If your affiliates promote you get the tier-2 commission.

And the tier-1 commission was 40%.

This is a huge commission.

If just 2-3 affiliates purchase then all your cost is recovered.

In fact, this was the marketing line of GrooveFunnels.

GrooveFunnels promoted their affiliate program with aggression.

So, these things led to me purchasing a lifetime deal of GrooveFunnels.

Was I happy?

I purchased GrooveFunnels in May 2020, amid a raging pandemic.

The company had clearly mentioned they were in the beta stage of development. That means there are bound to be bugs and issues.

They also had given a clear development roadmap.

And by their roadmap, features like email marketing, a bug-free version of page builder would be released by October.

So, overall I was happy with using their page builder, which was the only feature that was released in May.

Yes, it was buggy but not unusable. In fact, the page load speeds and other responsive features were remarkably good.

It was a happy beginning. And I was very happy with my decision of going ahead with GrooveFunnel.

Problems, issues and delays

When they were fixing one bug, the other bug crept up somewhere else. Again under the name of beta, it was acceptable.

But, soon GrooveFunnels failed to deliver the features on time. They were constantly pushing the deadlines.

The email marketing tool that was supposed to be delivered around Dec-Jan 2021, was launched with a lot of delays.

There was no feature to upload contacts, which was then added in the project timeline as an additional feature.

And then they had to stop their email marketing tool because some of the users of GrooveFunnels misused the tool and they had to stop it.

This was excruciating and painful because I still had to keep on paying for other email marketing tools.

Even today (Dec 2021) the email marketing is still in the sandbox and I cannot use it.

This much delay is unacceptable.

Even the page builder still feels a bit buggy and not as friendly as ClickFunnels or Kartra or

The video hosting is so slow that one video on my landing page took more than 10 seconds for the video to appear.

If you run ads, you know this is disastrous.

The company focussed too much on their affiliate push rather than product development.

And this is coming from someone who loved using GrooveFunnels, in fact, I built my first successful funnel on GrooveFunnels.

I had even written a couple of articles in the past on GrooveFunnels; praising it for its vision.

But the slow development and bucket-load of bugs are hard to justify.

What’s the next way forward

If GrooveFunnels can deliver what it promised and provide a bug-free experience, then it will be a beast of software.

Competitors will find it very hard to compete with them.

But for that, they have to focus completely on user experience and product development and a little less on affiliate marketing.

I would happily start using GrooveFunnels (now called Groove) once it becomes full-proof.

The amount of money I can save if I start using GrooveFunnels completely would be tremendous.

The whole and sole reason for writing this post were not to rant. I want to use GrooveFunnels, I want them to become the beast of a tool that it promised.

But as of now, I’m a disappointed user.

If you want to check out GrooveFunnels, you can click on the link below.

They do provide a very generous free plan which you can use and start building your funnels.

This is not an affiliate link because I don’t want to promote something that I’m disappointed with.

I’m waiting for the moment when I’ll be able to add an update to this article and say none of the above is true anymore and do sign up for GrooveFunnels.

For now, if you want to build funnels from FREE with something that’s working perfectly; then sign up for by clicking the button below.



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