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My unbiased review of Kartra without the affiliate link

First things first. This is a completely unbiased review of Kartra. How unbiased? Well, I am an affiliate of Kartra software but nowhere on this page, you will find any affiliate link to Kartra.

All the links that take you to any of the Kartra pages are without my affiliate code.

Now, that being said, let’s start with the review.

What is Kartra?

Kartra is an all in one marketing machine. With Kartra you don’t need to purchase any other online marketing tool.

The broad functionalities provided by this tool are

  1. Email marketing

  2. Website hosting

  3. Landing page building

  4. Funnels

  5. Collecting payments

  6. Membership site

  7. Video hosting

  8. Creating helpdesks

  9. Creating calendars

  10. Affiliate management system

So, Kartra is replacing almost 7-8 different software you would have otherwise required for online marketing.

Imagine software that is tightly integrated and not just duct-taped where information flows from one place to other seamlessly and more importantly without your intervention.

And that is the beauty of Kartra. It is not just replacing a few software with a single software. It is replacing multiple online tools with a single tightly integrated tool.

Just to give a simple example, a person purchased a product from Kartra hosted landing page, where purchasing this product is wired with a membership. Hence the person is automatically enrolled in the membership. And the membership is wired with an email sequence.

Now all of this is happening inside Kartra, without the duct-tape of Zapier.

Payments page

A person makes the payment on the payments page hosted on Kartra

Members Area

The same person is added to the membership created inside Kartra,

Email sequence

That person is automatically subscribed to the email sequence.

The same person can be exposed to the helpdesk created inside Kartra. So, the support can be provided inside the system itself. They can either talk with you using live chat or create a support ticket that you can track.

You can even schedule a one-to-one with that person using calendars module available inside Kartra.

Also, depending on what actions they have taken you can tag and untag people and take actions on your end accordingly.

For example, you can tag a person if he/she has watched a certain video in your member’s area.

Kartra removes

  1. Frustration due to unnecessary difficult tech

  2. Paying different tools

  3. Need to duct-tape multiple tools and hoping that they will work

  4. Time

What are the different tools that Kartra replaces?

I have included the pricing of the basic plans of various tools that Kartra is replacing.

  1. Email marketing – Convertkit ($29/mo)

  2. Landing page builder – Leadpages ($37/mo)

  3. Membership site – Teachable ($39/mo)

  4. Videos – Vimeo ($12/mo)

  5. Calendars – Calendly ($10/mo)

  6. Helpdesk – Zendesk ($5/mo)

  7. Zapier to wire them ($25/mo)

That totals to $157

And we are talking about basic plans offered by them. Upgrade them and you will see your credit card bill above $500 per month.

So, how much does Kartra cost?

Kartra offers four different plans with the basic one starting at $99/mo and if you want to make an annual payment then you will be charged $79/mo.

That is a huge saving in terms of both money and time.

You just have to learn one tool plus you don’t have to wire different tools together.

So, how Kartra helped me?

To understand how it helped me, let me give you a brief about my business and what software I used?

My business

I am a WordPress coach. And I sell group WordPress coaching. I also have an online course.

So, doing email marketing, building sales pages for my courses, building membership areas, attending support tickets, building funnels, is something I do often.

Now to accomplish all these tasks, I used the following software stack

  1. ConvertKit for email marketing and email sequences

  2. WordPress for building landing pages and funnel. (You can check out my article on WordPress as a landing page builder)

  3. Thinkific for hosting courses

  4. Vimeo for hosting videos

  5. Zapier for connecting different tools together

So, how it helped me?

One of the thing that happened when I started using it, everything was in a single place.

I had to get familiar with only one tool and that saved a lot of time. Not to mention the monetary savings.

It comes with awesome page builder, ‘done for you’ campaigns created by Frank Kern, simple and intuitive email builder and not mention ticketing system and appointment taking system.

Check out the different screenshots

Awesome page builder



Video hosting



Done for you campaigns


Automation builder

If you want to try out the awesomeness called Kartra, click this (not affiliate) link.



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