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The simplest way of installing Facebook Pixel on WordPress

Installing Facebook Pixel on your WordPress site should not involve some cumbersome copy-pasting or installing obscure plugins or editing the header.php file.

I am going to show you a straightforward process using which you can install the Pixel on your website without pulling your hair.

I have installed Facebook Pixel on my website using the same plugin.

So let’s start

Go to Plugins in your WordPress admin

install facebook pixel

Click on Add New

add new plugin

Type Pixel Caffeine in the search box

facebook pixel - pixel caffeine plugin

Click Install Now

Click Activate

activate facebook pixel plugin

Click Setup Now

setup facebook pixel plugin

Click Facebook Connect (You should have an ad account in place to do this)

facebook pixel setup

Continue with an appropriate Facebook account


Click on Ok

setup complete

Select the ad account and Pixel from the two dropdowns and click Apply (You should have already created a pixel, if not then visit this guide by Facebook, Read till Assign, a Partner)

select facebook account

Make sure tracking is Active

account connected

Why do you require Facebook Pixel?

This Pixel is a tracking script. This tracking script tracks the people coming on your website. So, assume, you are visiting this page on my website, and my site has Facebook Pixel installed on it.

So, what it will do?

It will check whether you have a Facebook profile. How does it check whether you have a profile?

So, if you are logged in Facebook, you will have Facebook’s cookie in your browser. Using that cookie, Facebook will understand whether you have a profile or not.

Once Facebook identifies, you have a profile. It will save your name in some encrypted format in my Facebook ad account.

Now, do I get to see your details?


I don’t get to see your details. But what I can do with your saved data is, I can run a Facebook ad, targeting people who have visited this particular page.

That’s why you need to install Facebook Pixel on your website.



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