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What type of content you should create? A blog, a podcast or a video channel

Updated: Jul 13

The content creation dilemma

Content Creation is the process of generating ideas on a topic appealing to your audience in the form of written, audio, or audio-visual contents to make the information easily accessible.

The most popular options of developing content are blogs, podcasts, and vlogs (video contents on YouTube, Instagram and other such platforms). Still, the one suiting best for you must be identified and worked on. 

Selecting the platform/platforms depends on a few factors which can be listed as:

  1. Are you a good writer, or speaker, or good at cameras? Your best skill requires to be leveraged for getting the best output.  

  2. As per your niche, subject, and topics you want to discuss, the suitable mode of communication must be identified, and the platform leveraged by the other content-creators of the same niche must be pondered. If all three mediums are used and found suitable, then one attracting the most attention must be looked up.

  3. If you want to show people exactly how to do a thing, then your content will be benefited from visuals, and the video content works best for such purposes. 

  4. Apart from the skills, the medium attracting you most will be a better choice as the skills can be learned and practice will yield perfection if you love the task you undertake as passion is a great motivator.

  5. Suppose the content is from a dynamic segment like emerging technologies or reports regarding any event. In that case, blogs are the best-suited medium as it is easy to update and revise the text.

  6. These three media require different technologies/devices and have different sets of costs for content-creation. What you possess and what your budget is, must also be taken in to account.

After these considerations, let’s dive into the details of these three ways:

Video Content on YouTube Channels:

video youtube channel


The second most visited website on the internet, with over 2 Billion active users, YouTube has emerged as an effective platform for content creation, because of its massive audience base.

As an easy source of entertainment, consumers are now spending more time watching online videos, and YouTube virtually has no competitor in its services sphere.

The comprehensive platform is available in 76 different languages, and now 1/3rd of the total online time is spent on watching videos.  

In addition to recording and uploading a video, now live streaming facility is also there to enhance the followings.

For some informational purposes, 59% of people agreed that they would prefer to watch videos over text as the information is more comfortable to grasp and retain.   


Undoubtedly, Videos are the most complex and expensive medium of content development.

Video editing is also a sophisticated and time-consuming skill that takes a lot of time to master. Video contents also require proficiency over lights, performance, and presentational style. 

Devices like HD camera, microphones, tripod stand, focus lights, and video editing software (which also require good practice) are needed. To get the perfect audio, sound-proofing is also needed to be executed. 

Updating the details or add something new to the content is also hard to merge with the existing information.




Podcasting has gained fantastic momentum in the last decade and shows no sign of slowing anyhow.

With a great scope of commercial opportunities like advertising and many revenue streams, Podcasts are also generating incredible revenues.

The audience also loves this platform as entertainment to learning, whatever one wants can avail and go through the content on the go, walk, or even in the gym.

It facilitates a great utilization of such time. 

Content Creators also find it easier as no need to adjust the cameras, lights, and no need to consider the presenting way.

Recording audio is much easier and faster than typing or recording videos.

A good microphone with audio editing software is the only requirement here.


Attracting the audience is the hardest part of podcasting as the platforms show content based on their algorithms, and it is not possible to search the audio there.

Podcasting works best when you have your website, but still, the problem of searching arises as only those having cognizance of your content and services can access it.

It is hard to optimize funnel as podcasts have lesser ‘touch-points’ in ‘customer journey’ and one cannot search the specific content of the video.

It is natural to add music or beats in your audio which can also land you in legal troubles.

One might inadvertently include any copyrighted music which can lead to legal consequences as well. 


blog writing


Easiest and the most cost-effective way of creating content, many times claimed to be dead in the wave of YouTube videos (which is not even close to the truth), is still a great way to

exhibit the creativity.

Being the most effective tool for SEO and delivering the most elaborative information about the products/services, all businesses incorporate blogs on their website.

For a blog, you need not dress up, learn the practical presentation, and work with cameras, microphones, lights sounds, editing software- means nothing else needed than your system and internet connection.

With a surge in smartphones, the content can be developed anytime from anyplace. 

The text is very easily searchable with all search engines, and the editing and updating require the least efforts and time as no additional software required. Proofreading and revising the content before uploading is also easy & fast.

The audience searching the content can skim the text and go with headings also, which is not possible with others.

People neglect large videos, but the text can be scanned in contrast.

Audio/video also requires a written script first. Also, the text content is easily accessible with slow internet connections. 


70% of marketers have claimed videos bring more conversions than texts and have greater attention-grabbing.

Blogs are less engaging than small videos which strike a deep connection and more robust emotional response.

In contrast to texts, videos are memorable and improve brand recall. There are endless stories of blogging success, but such things must also be kept in mind.


One might start to think about the growth rates of videos but firstly with go their flairs and knacks.

Every medium is not for everyone, and this thing must be believed before stepping ahead.

Putting your best foot forward first and after success in that, try for another platform can be given.

Considering the pros & cons of all media and the factors mentioned for selecting them must be pondered, and then the content-creation must be started.  



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