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Install WordPress on Windows without XAMPP

How many of you tried to install WordPress on Windows using XAMPP/WAMP or something like that?

How many of you found the process tad irritating and long drawn out?

If the answer to both the questions is an emphatic YES, then we are in the same boat.

When you use XAMPP or similar software, you have to go through the four steps.

  1. Install XAMPP

  2. Create a database and the user through phpMyAdmin

  3. Get the latest copy of WordPress from

  4. Extract the zip file in the htdocs directory

  5. Make sure the Apache server is running and open the directory where you extracted WordPress in the browser.

  6. Go through the five-minute installation procedure.

Although the process is simple enough, it is tedious.

And as a beginner, there are a lot of places in this process where things can go wrong.

Like the database connection failure in the installation process or the user doesn’t have the required privileges.

But there is a more straightforward way than the one mentioned above!

Moreso if you are a beginner. When you are just beginning to learn WordPress, dealing with XAMPP, database, users, installation is too much to ask.

So, we are going to use Bitnami WordPress.

Bitnami WordPress is an installation script available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

By just running the script and selecting the folder where you want to install the WordPress, you can install WordPress on your Windows desktop or laptop.

You don’t have to get a copy of WordPress, create a database, it’s user and go through the installation process.

Bitnami WordPress takes care of the whole process. You just have to sit back and relax while the installer does all those things.

So go through the following video and check out how you can install WordPress on Windows.

There is some issue with the audio of this video. But don’t worry, the visuals are self-explanatory.



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