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Why is this a perfect time to start your blog?

The situation is grim. There is no second thought about that.

You, me and everyone around the world are feeling the heat of COVID-19. Everyone is scared to some extent.

Well, let me get to the point because I am not here to talk about the grimness of the virus. After all, I am sure; you already know that.

Why am I saying this is the perfect time to start your blog?

1. People want to invest this time constructively

Those who are, fortunately, healthy like us are looking to spend some valuable time. Take an example of yourself.

Aren’t you reading this article right now to get some value?

Like you, there are other people also who are looking to

  1. Do something new

  2. Learn something new

  3. Start something new

  4. Or just pass their time.

And you could be their helping hand. Your blog could help your readers learn something new.

Maybe you are an expert at papercraft. Don’t you think your video tutorials on YouTube will help a lot of beginners wanting to learn the papercraft?

If you are a good cook, people would love to read your recipes and try them on their own. So, start your blog. Show them your recipes.

2. Online is the only way right now

We are locked up in our houses.

The best and probably the only way to connect and learn is online.

Have a look at the trend of ‘Zoom‘ on Google Trends. Such a massive spike in the last thirty days

You can see a similar trend for the search term ‘online learning.’ Even my WordPress course has almost a thousand signups in the last 20 days.

This growth is unprecedented. Everyone is online, and you should be too.

Your blog, your YouTube channel, your course, your podcast and everything that you will publish online will only help your audience.

And if you don’t have an audience right now, it’s an excellent opportunity to create it.

3. A paradigm shift

We, as a human race, have been put under pressure. And this enormous pressure has resulted in us being forced to think and thrive in different ways.

A lot of companies are still functioning at their capacity by their employees working from home. My web development agency, for example, is operating without a hitch even though every single of my employee is working from home.

May be work from home will be a commonplace thing. Maybe people will use only online media to learn from now on. It’s all maybe.

But there will be a paradigm shift. And you should be ready for it.

If cold calling was bringing you, customers, earlier, now may be your blog will bring them.

You should not be feeling guilty

You may be feeling a tad guilty for starting your blog during this time. But, trust me, you are helping out a lot of people while at the same time doing something for yourself in the long run.

You will be taking a lot of efforts to find what people want to read, then create the blog, then write in a manner that will be helpful to them.

Your purpose is to help and in the long run, want to earn through affiliate marketing, consulting, course or something else.

So, don’t feel guilty. Don’t wait. Start your blog now.



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